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Avatar Technologies Inc (Avatar) is majority owned and operated by First Nation people. It specializes in oilfield facility and pipeline construction, oilfield field operations in the sectors of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, and Environmental operations, as well as safety and risk management, quality control and quality assurance, project mapping, cost controls and human resource management.

Key features of the companys proprietary software system (some features now patented in the United States and Canada) include but are not limited to: project build out and GL mapping, costing vs. work controls, process and project management controls which include the oilfields first cloud based project management of change process, risk assessment and asset regulated equipment and PSV process management. The software created by the company is a first generation relational web database uniquely created for on-site construction cost control. It is what keeps a budget on track and ensures total communication between stakeholders in the field, the Head Office management team and Owners.

The OMIS Software is developed to provide an audit trail for costing and progress so that owners of a corporation can see instantly know how a project is proceeding and what if any steps need to be taken to ensure the project comes in - on time - and on budget. The functionality of the software is combined with a patented safety incident and risk management reporting system coupled with a quality control / quality assurance process which ensures accurate and reliable capture and archiving of all project information, data, QC/QA, work flow and costing. In essence, the software creates an all-in-one garage for project management.

In addition, Avatar Technologies Inc provides a broad range of services beyond their software offerings in the oilfield sector. The company has 150 employees that they sub-contract in all areas of oilfield construction, from Engineers and Inspectors, to Safety and Risk Management personnel, to QC/QA leads, to welders and laborers. These employees are highly trained and possess current oilfield certifications, including certification in application of the companys software. Our past customers have evolved from the construction industry primarily and represent a broad cross-section of businesses, including oil and gas, road building and environment.